The Rewards of Being a Families2Families Mentor

June 6, 2024 | 5 min read

There's a special kind of fulfillment in helping someone navigate the twists and turns of life, especially when it's a family striving for growth and understanding. If you're an adoptive or guardianship parent who's been down that road, becoming a Families2Families Mentor lets you share your journey in a really meaningful way. Today, let's dive into the awesome perks of being a mentor in the Families2Families program.

What Is Families2Families?

Families2Families is a core service provided within the Families Forever program at NCHS. Its foundation is a connection between families who have been through the adoption or guardianship process. It serves to create a chain of support from someone who has walked a mile in similar shoes—to provide guidance, empathy, and understanding to other adoptive and guardianship parents.

The Role that Resonates

Mentors play a crucial role within the fabric of the Families2Families program:

  • Serve as a confidant: Parents need someone who can keep their shared experiences confidential.
  • Offer understanding and insight: Sometimes, all someone needs is another person who truly 'gets it.'
  • Act as a source of information and direction: Steering through the complexities of adoption and guardianship can be tough without a knowledgeable guide.
  • Help problem solve: Tackling challenges becomes easier with a supportive mentor by your side.
  • Share adoption and trauma education: Providing invaluable information that can help families through their unique situations.

Mentors are the heart of the Families2Families program! If you've experienced the twists and turns of adoption or guardianship, your knowledge could be a lifeline for parents with similar experiences. Learn more about the process from @NEChildrensHome:

Not only do they offer a shoulder to lean on, but mentors also become part of the family's informal support network.—one that parents can turn to in their moments of doubt, joy, confusion, or triumph.

The Heart of Mentorship

The heart of the Families2Families program is all about sharing support, wisdom, and empathy. It's amazing how helping others also brings something special back into the mentor's life in ways you wouldn't expect. Mentors become the foundation of the Families Forever program, guiding families through similar experiences to become stronger and more connected.

What Does it Mean to be a Mentor?

  • A trusted advisor: You're the go-to person for guidance through the complexities of adoption or guardianship landscapes.
  • An empathy provider: Sharing personal experiences allows you to empathize deeply with those walking a similar path.
  • A resource bridge: You connect families to vital resources and information that empower them to make informed decisions and flourish.
  • A confidence builder: Your role is to bolster families in their moments of doubt, helping them to see their strengths and capabilities.

Are you an adoptive or guardianship parent with stories to share? The Families2Families program needs you! Serve as a confidant, offer insight, and steer families in the right direction. Your journey could be the guide they need. Find out more from @NEChildrensHome’s blog:

Lending an Ear, Gaining a Heart

Being an effective mentor hinges on the ability to listen attentively, capturing both the spoken and unspoken messages conveyed by families. By serving as a compassionate confidant, mentors have the privilege of learning from the profound stories of others. But what's often surprising is how much mentors grow themselves, gaining new perspectives and enhancing their empathy.

Lightbulb Moments You Share Together

There's this unbeatable moment in mentoring - the 'aha' moment. It's all about seeing that spark light up in a mentee's eyes when they finally overcome something they've been struggling with. Being a part of these moments is incredibly rewarding. It gives you this unique mix of pride and connection that's both shared and deeply personal.

The Gift of Giving (and Receiving) Support

Supporting someone in a spot you used to be in is very rewarding. It's like a two-way street – a nice reminder that we all need a hand sometimes. The Families2Families program is all about that unbeatable exchange of support and respect that you just can't put a price on.

Here are some of the gifts that mentors receive:

  • Expanded perspectives: By sharing your experiences, you gain new insights into your own family's dynamics.
  • Enhanced communication skills: Through regular interactions and problem-solving, mentors develop their communication, often finding that these skills translate positively into other aspects of life.
  • A sense of community: Being a mentor envelops you in a collaborative community that is passionate about family growth and connection.
  • Personal growth: There is no greater mirror than teaching others. Mentors often discover new depths to their patience, empathy, and understanding.

Empowerment Through Education

Serving as a mentor is also an educational experience. Sharing adoption, guardianship insights, and the implications of trauma on family dynamics can refine a mentor's own understanding. It's a continuous learning curve where knowledge is power, and passing it forward is the catalyst to driving change—in your life and the lives of the families you guide.

If the Families2Families mission aligns with your heart, perhaps it's time to lend your voice, ears, and expertise. You have a unique opportunity to share your life-changing experiences while writing new chapters in your own story—as a beacon of hope, a supporter, a teacher, and a mentor.

Become a Families2Families mentor and find the joy in the countless little rewards that make up the mentor’s experience. Interested? Connect with Lisa Kelly at or call 402.575.0022 or through our website here.