Stand For Children’s Day

June 16, 2022 | 3 min read

June 1st is Stand For Children Day, an important observation serving to raise awareness about the plights faced by children in the U.S., like access to health services and childcare. For parents, caregivers, children, and families, recognizing the importance of this day serves a greater purpose — uniting a larger community.

Celebrating Stand For Children Day is of the utmost importance to support children of all backgrounds and identities. We see you, support you, and are here for you. We are honored to shine a spotlight on children who this aims to acknowledge and empower.

History of Stand For Children

Created in 1996, the organization Stand For Children was formed with one mission in mind — to help shed light on children's struggles in the United States. One of the first engagements held to promote their cause drew a crowd of over 300,000 people. Clearly, they address an unspoken need among so many of those caring for children.

Most notably, Stand For Children has raised over $6.7 billion for investments in education to help evolve the current system. Since the 90s, June 1st has been designated as Stand For Children Day, a day led by this organization to raise awareness for children in need.

June marks the beginning of a celebratory month as #StandForChildren day starts on June 1st. Read up on the importance of this holiday and how you can get involved via @NEChildrensHome:Click To Tweet

We place a huge emphasis on recognizing Stand For Children day because its purpose is to highlight and honor children of all backgrounds and walks of life. No matter where you came from, children should know that there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who are ready to go to bat for them.

How You Can Celebrate

Clearly, there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate National Stand For Children Day. It’s not as traditional as, say, more established yearly holidays. But, this provides a unique opportunity for you to put your own spin on how to honor this day and what it means to you and those around you. The beauty of Stand For Children Day is that it does not discriminate. The goal has remained the same from the beginning of both the observance and organization - to help raise awareness for the struggles faced by children everywhere. This isn’t about children of a certain class, background, or nationality - it includes all children and all of their varying obstacles.

For parents, caregivers, children, and families, recognizing the importance of #StandForChildrenDay serves a greater purpose - uniting a larger community. See more via @NEChildrensHome:Click To Tweet

Now that you know more about the background of this day, let’s look at unique, simple ways to honor this important celebration.

Stand For Children Day:
  • Educate yourself. See for yourself the struggles of children and their ability to receive vital resources. The first step to being able to aid the cause is to truly comprehend it.
  • Donate to the cause. Find an organization like NCHS or Stand For Children and financially support their efforts to improve the lives of children.
  • Volunteer your time. Financial support isn’t always viable, but more times than not, people can afford to volunteer a bit of their time. Research local organizations that support the mission of Stand For Children and see how your assistance can make a difference.

The beginning of summer is a memorable milestone for kids everywhere — school starts dying down, the days get longer, and the possibilities of having fun seem endless.

In addition to the beginning of this season, there is also another important date to keep in mind — Stand For Children Day. Learning how this day can be celebrated together ultimately helps to make this summer celebration even a bit brighter.

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