NCHS transitions to more expansive family support services

December 31, 2020 | 2 min read

OMAHA, Neb. (12/31/2020) — Nebraska Children’s Home Society has completed a year-long planning effort focused on examining every aspect of the organization’s operations and services to children and families throughout the state. The process engaged service recipients, partners, funders and other key stakeholders.

“We took a deep dive into our operations, looking into ways we can more effectively serve Nebraska’s families,” Lana Temple-Plotz, CEO of Nebraska Children’s Home Society said. “Our overarching goal was to explore all aspects of our operations to ensure we focused on our unique areas of expertise and began to dream big about how to achieve our vision of a safe and loving family for every child.”

Through the process, the agency identified four bold and compelling aspirations focused on strengthening individuals and families statewide, and seven strategic priorities focused on maximizing the organization’s talent and resources.

“We were founded to address the needs of the community and support children and families,” Temple-Plotz said. “Although our services continue to evolve, our commitment to put children first is the same, that’s why we are focusing on those areas where our unique skills and expertise intersect with the needs of communities across Nebraska.”

Those needs include youth transitioning to adulthood, caregivers raising children unexpectedly, and families in need of support. The plan addresses several strategic priorities for the agency as well as setting forth a path towards four strategic aspirations.

  1. Enabling Successful Transitions to Adulthood for Every Foster Youth – As an organization committed to the success of Nebraska’s most vulnerable youth, NCHS will connect every youth leaving foster care with a community of caring adults to help them navigate their future and prevent homelessness, incarceration, unplanned pregnancy, trafficking and addiction.
  2. Ensuring Bright Futures for Nebraska’s Children – As an expert in harnessing the power of relationships to create lasting change for children and families, NCHS will partner with parents and caregivers raising children under unexpected and challenging circumstances to ensure they receive the knowledge, resources, and support needed to insulate their youth from the detrimental impacts of family trauma, poverty and other adverse childhood experiences.
  3. Expanding Access to Home Visitation – As an agency committed to the overall success of families, NCHS will unite with schools and community partners to provide home visitation for all families in targeted communities. Through strong partnerships, NCHS will ensure families can holistically access all the services necessary to build self-sufficiency, break cycles of abuse and poverty, and provide safe and loving care to their children.
  4. Leading Innovation to Strengthen Nebraska’s Families – As a practitioner of innovative service delivery, NCHS will unite and strengthen Nebraska’s families by partnering with universities, national and state coalitions, and thought leaders to design, test and implement cutting edge solutions focused on supporting responsive relationships, reducing sources of stress and strengthening core life skills.

“The aspirations in our ten-year plan are bold, compelling, and cannot be achieved in isolation,” Temple-Plotz said. “We need our exceptional team, our service partners, our board and the community to join us in this important work.”

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