NCHS Celebrates 130 Years of Advocacy and Putting Children First

January 26, 2023 | 3 min read

Since 1893, NCHS has celebrated each year as a milestone for positively impacting children, families, and our community throughout the state of Nebraska. NCHS has stayed true to its purpose to ensure Nebraska’s most vulnerable children have access to support, care, and resources. Dr. E.P. Quivey founded the organization to ensure that children would develop lasting, lifelong relationships within safe and loving families. That work has continued for 130 years! 

This year, NCHS is celebrating more than just a landmark anniversary. They’re celebrating 130 years of bringing families and children closer together and providing a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment for all children.

We’re turning 130! Find out more about what this landmark anniversary means to us and how we plan on getting everyone together to celebrate 130 years of putting children first. Check it out:Click To Tweet

While the first 100 years at NCHS were largely dedicated to connecting children to adoptive parents, NCHS has expanded its services to support families on every step of their journey, from pregnancy services, post-adoption support, foster and kinship care assistance and more. Beyond this expansion of services, this growth is seen in the many thousands of lives that have been positively impacted in partnership with NCHS.

“We appreciate that NCHS’s vision of ‘a safe and loving family for every child’ has grown from adoption to a wide array of programs and services that put children first.” - Mike Fecci, Adoptive Parent

In addition to recognizing 130 years of putting Nebraska’s children first, NCHS will also be hosting an in-person celebration on Saturday, April 29, 2023, in Waterloo, Nebraska. This event commemorates 130 years of providing compassionate guidance, innovative services, and workable solutions for children, families, and caregivers. This year, NCHS welcomes you to support their mission to provide safe and loving care to children of all ages. 2023 marks our 130th anniversary! At NCHS, we are committed to connecting families to the support, care, and resources they need. See more about how we are honoring our 130th anniversary:Click To Tweet By attending this in-person event, you can: 

  • Support Positive Change. Hear from participants and their life-changing experiences partnering with NCHS.
  • First-Hand Perspective. Gain new perspectives and hear inspirational stories from our speaker, Adrian McLemore, who has experienced foster and kinship care first-hand.
  • Celebrate NCHS. Show your support for our vision of a safe and loving family for every child. Put children and their well-being at the forefront of our community.
  • Become a Sponsor. Connect, grow, and share with others through lived experiences when you become a sponsor of NCHS’s transformative care.

Sponsors for the 130th Anniversary of NCHS include:

Find out more about sponsorship opportunities and learn more about the 130th anniversary of NCHS at

Founded in 1893, Nebraska Children’s Home Society (NCHS) has worked to put children first. By providing a variety of services, community resources, and educational programs, we help parents and caregivers make informed decisions to provide safe and loving care for children. 

Our services range from educational classes for new parents, support groups for grandparents caring for their grandchildren, services for those who are pregnant, adoption support, post-adoption resources, kinship caregiving assistance, foster care preparation, and connections with certified specialists to help you determine the best course of action for you and your family. 

Regardless of where you are in your parenting journey, we can connect you with the resources you need to strengthen your skills and make an informed decision.