Transforming Lives With Your Support

October 6, 2021 | 2 min read

Your support helped Amelia and her baby escape.

How did you spend your senior year of high school?

Was your time spent at football games, were you anxious for school dances or eagerly anticipating college? Amelia* spent her senior year trying to plan for an unexpected baby.

Pregnant at 17, Amelia wanted to be the best mom she could be. She didn’t think she could do it by herself, so she moved in with the father of their baby. Sadly, he became very abusive — once even beating and choking her. Because this environment was not safe for their child, Child Protective Services removed their son from their home.

Amelia felt alone.

Months went by, and Amelia discovered that she was pregnant again. With this discovery, Amelia became fiercely protective of the life inside her. She needed to find a way to give her unborn child a better chance. This time she knew exactly what she needed to do to keep her baby safe and be able to care for her oldest son again. She knew she needed to get out of her abusive relationship.

Your support helped Amelia and her baby escape.

When Amelia called NCHS, she heard about our Teen and Young Parent Program. Amelia took classes and was connected with resources to make parenting easier. She worked with a family resource specialist who provided weekly home visits where Amelia learned about her baby’s development. The visits continued through her son’s fifth birthday.

“Nebraska Children’s Home Society has been my rock for the last six years,” says Amelia. “I’ve built a better life with their help.”

Your gift helps young parents build a safe and loving home for their children, no matter what stage of life they are in.

Today, Amelia is in a happy and healthy relationship, and both of her sons are thriving. Because of your support, Amelia and her children are looking forward to a safe and secure future.

But there is always work to be done.

There are many women like Amelia in our community. Your generosity ensures that life-changing services like our Teen and Young Parent Program continues to provide bright futures for vulnerable families.

Because of your generous and loving heart, youth like Amelia find hope through Nebraska Children’s Home Society.

Make a gift today that puts children first and ensures that parents can provide the best care to their children.

Thank you.

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