Your support helped Ellie make a plan

June 10, 2021 | 2 min read

Your support has been the light for the children and families we serve, now and for the past 127 years.

Because of you, youth like Ellie received safe and loving care during times of greatest need. At the age of 15, Ellie was pregnant. She was nervous, uncertain, and concerned for her and her child’s future. Ellie didn’t know what to do, but she knew that she needed guidance and help.

Like any teen experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, she had a lot of important questions. She was worried that the father wouldn’t welcome the news. How would she or should she care for her baby? Is school still an option? Could she still pursue a career? What about healthcare? What were her options?

Your support ensures that there are resources for teens like Ellie. They are able to turn an unplanned pregnancy into a pregnancy with a plan. You make it possible to answer their questions.

Ellie saw one of our ads and gave us a call. She was quickly introduced to a pregnancy, parenting and adoption specialist to help get answers to her questions and explore her options. While she pondered over whether she would choose adoption or parent her child, she was referred to birthing and breastfeeding education classes at the hospital she would be delivering at. While attending those classes, we began providing education and support to her, her family and to the father.

Her specialist facilitated productive discussions with Ellie’s parents and the child’s father centered around the baby’s best interests. Those discussions led to plans to meet Ellie’s education and career goals. They also covered the risks of postpartum depression and how to take care of herself as well as asking for help if she knew she was struggling.

Ellie was able to confide in her specialist which brought her comfort and eased her anxiety. Through their sessions together, Ellie learned how she would handle childcare, build a bond with her baby, and practice mindfulness activities to relieve stress.

Can you imagine what could have happened to Ellie and her baby without the support your donations provide?

Ellie stayed in school and plans to continue after her baby is born. She has a stronger family support network because everyone understands how they can help.

Her specialist says, “From day one to where we are now, I have seen such a tremendous change in Ellie. She is able to envision where she sees herself and her baby in five years.”

You make it possible for parents like Ellie to make the best plan for her and her child. We can’t do it without you!

Your support makes an impact.

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