Temporary Newborn Care

June 29, 2021 | 3 min read

Having a child is a big life change that comes with a lot of responsibility. Dartmouth’s Life Change Index Scale (The Stress Test) measures the stress of a life change such as pregnancy  – which they have indexed at 40, a top 15 stressor!

It takes time to plan your future and your child’s future – and you may not have all the pieces in place by the time your child arrives. Nebraska Children’s Home Society empowers families with Temporary Newborn Care, allowing for time to create a plan and a future with full support from the NCHS team.

What is Temporary Newborn Care

Temporary newborn care is for parents who enter the NCHS Pregnancy, Parenting and Adoption program. We have confidential temporary homes across the state (see requirements below) that provide safe and loving care for a child while families take time to decide as to whether they would like to bring their child home or work on an adoption plan for their child. Services continue for up to 90 days.

During temporary newborn care, parents retain their parental rights and have full authority to parent their child if that is the plan they choose.

Temporary Newborn Care Process

Our specialists provide families with parenting options and adoption options. We help determine what current needs are as an expectant parent and connect families to resources in the community.  We listen attentively to your feelings, related to this overwhelming experience, and help you process those feelings. We will ask you about your future and what future you envision for your child.


If the family decides to parent, the temporary newborn care provider may continue to care for the child for a short time, allowing the family time to get the necessary supplies to take the child home and parent.

Adoption Options

If the decision for the child is adoption, the temporary newborn care provider cares for the child until a family has been selected by the child’s parents.

We Are Looking for Temporary Newborn Care Providers

Newborn care providers serve an essential role that gives families with unplanned pregnancies options to properly care for their child even after they are born. Providers ensure safe and loving care for babies while their parents create plans for their child’s future.

Requirements for Providers

  • Newborn Care Providers must go through a home study process with NCHS. There is no guarantee of approval. The home study consists of training, multiple in-person meetings with our specialists, completion of background checks, and a visit to the family’s home. The home study must be updated annually.
  • Providers care for an infant for a few days up to a 90 days while the child’s parents actively work on a plan for them
  • The child cannot go to childcare during this time period
  • Providers work with the specialist to transport the infant to medical appointments or get-togethers with the parents so they are able to spend time with their child
  • Providers must comply with confidentiality guidelines
  • A stay at home parent is helpful
  • CPR/First Aid training is required
  • Once a child is in the home, the Provider will need to be in regular communication with NCHS and NCHS will regularly visit the child in the Provider’s home.
  • Newborn Care Providers will not be considered as a permanency option if a plan for adoption is being made by the child’s biological parents.

Interested in Becoming a Temporary Newborn Care Provider?

If you are interested in becoming a Temporary Newborn Care provider, please contact Christina Nemec at cnemec@nchs.org

Are You In Need of Temporary Newborn Care?

You have choices and we are here to support you in making the decision you think is best. Our team has a combined 85 years of experience working with moms and dads to assist them in planning for themselves and for their child. Our goal is to help you put a plan in place that you feel confident about, one that is in the best interests of both you and your child. Click here to fill out a form expressing your interest in Temporary Newborn Care.